Great Dane Puppies

***You can put in a deposit on a puppy ahead of time if the demand is High to get on the Waitlist and Secure your spot today!***

Puppies come with dewclaws removed, age appropriate vaccines and worming, limited AKC registration (unless other arrangements are made), and microchipped. These Puppies have a wonderful show pedigree and amazing tempermeants. Great grandfather is from Denmark with some good size behind him. Grandfathers on both side were in the top 20. Mom's father won top 20 one year ago!

King x Tiki's 2nd Litter


"There's a Unique Story Behind These names. Unfortunately A Brick Fell On One Of The Males Paw And Damaged 2 Of His Nails To Where They Won't Grow Back So We Named His "Toes" and The Other Male We Would Call "Not Toes"... Sound Easy Enough! It Actually Became Confusing, So We Renamed Him Naughty Instead!"